We at Pizza Lover Wonders are focused and passionate about one thing - we create pizza apparel die-hard pizza fans are proud to wear. 
If you are here, you're likely one of the %1 crazy pizza fans. Welcome home!




Our fun and vibrant designs allow you to express your love for pizza differently.

We make trendy pizza apparel that gets noticed.

Get compliments, talk to other pizza lovers and make new friends.

Started by a middle-aged, introverted pizza lover with a simple question - can we use pizza to bring more people together?

Pizza Lover Wonders is on a mission to connect 1,000,000 people through pizza. We take everyday apparel and turn them into conversation pieces by incorporating fun pizza-inspired designs. 

Let Customers Speak For Us

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Super sneakers

Loving the look of these pizza high tops!

I just loved it!!!🥰🥰🥰🥰🍕☕


love the hat. very cool

It’s a Pizza kind of Christmas!

I ordered a number of different Pizza T-Shirts for X-mas, gifts for my nephews!!! They arrived quickly and I was very very happy that the fabric is wonderful to the touch… great quality!

The graphics/sayings are fun and I am sure the kids (adults really) are going to love them! It’s going to be a “Pizza kind of Christmas”!

Pizza hat for the win

I’ve always wanted a pizza hat and Pizza Lovers Wonder came to my rescue. I love that the design is simple and speaks for itself. Great addition to my hat collection!

Original and fun pizza swag!!

Bought this shirt for my husband and can’t wait to give it to him. We are big pizza lovers so this is the perfect gift for the man who has everything already! Ordering was easy and shopping was fast. I followed the brand on Instagram and the owner, Fernando answered all of my questions and was so helpful! Will definitely be back!

Comfiest sweatshirt ever!!

This sweatshirt is just what I was looking for! It’s cute, super cozy and a perfect fit! I would highly recommend to anyone!! :)


Love this, hilarious! 😂😂

Oh yeah!

Now this is my kind of fitness!

Just awesome

Ordered a t-shirt together with a hat. T-shirt fits perfectly and great quality. Definitely will be ordering some more products. Great prices, great service and fun designs.

Totally wearing it on my next pizza date! Thanks for all the creative and quality options for us pizza lovers. Love this shop!

That's me! I love pizza, I love pizza, I love pizza, I love pizza... PIZZA! This is the BEST shirt! 👏🏻

I'm a pizza obsessed and just love this hat. I get tons of compliments on it too 😀

I love a good pizza and I love these shirts. They make great gifts for pizza lovers too!

This t-shirt is spot on and so soft!

Finally! A shirt about my favorite breakfast!

This shirt is one of my favorites!

Love this shirt.. this whole store! Great quality, too!

Gift for my stepson, and he loves it. Wears it all the time. The pizza is super cute too!

Absolutely love this hoodie, super soft inside, very comfortable, the lettering and color hasn’t faded since washing either…love it!

I buy all sorts of shirts and hoodies, but when I seen these shirts and hoodies I was so excited, I could never find any nice pizza shirts or especially hoodies!! I wear my shirt proudly! Seeing that I’ve been making pizzas for sometime! And I am a student of the craft, you know what they say? You can never learn enough! Especially when it comes to pizza making!! And I can’t say enough great things about my hoodie ❤️ I barely take it off to wash, it’s so comfortable!!! I highly recommend all these beautiful and stylish shirts, hats, and hoodies!!!! Can’t wait to buy some more!!!!

My new favorite shirt! I got into pizza making during the pandemic. Got hooked. This t-shirt spoke immediately to me. Besides, it has a great fit (bought it L) and is very comfortable. Thanks.

It is the perfect gift for someone who works at a pizza place or a pizza lover. I bought it to my husband, and he is always getting compliments on it

I am an avid collector of hats and a lover of all things “Pizza”. As I saw this cap it yelled, "BUY ME!". All in all, it was a great experience… and as you can see I am enjoying the quality and fit of my latest addition!

He loved it! This was for my pizza-loving jokester of husband. It made him giggle hard. He's wearing it now all the time!

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