How to throw an unforgettable (birthday) pizza party for kids

How to throw an unforgettable (birthday) pizza party for kids

It is hard to imagine an adult or a kid around that does not adore pizza. For kids, the idea of making their pizza is probably just as thrilling as eating one. Kids love to create and make a mess while doing so. If you are up for a little messy fun, then have a make-your-own pizza party for your child. Neither you nor they will be disappointed.

Getting in the mood

 When the kids first arrive, have them all grab a clean, new, white apron. You can purchase these in bulk, either online or at many craft stores. Have your table set up with markers, pizza-themed stencils, and stickers. Let them put their names on their aprons.

After decorating their aprons and putting their names on them, the kids can then decorate their own paper chef’s hat.

These things are sure to get the kids in the right mood for their pizza-making experience.

Preparing the pizza dough

If you will make fresh dough, make it in advance and let the kids skip over that segment. Small children are not patient, and you do not want to leave any room for mishaps should the dough not rise, etc. 

Make sure to create small size chunks of dough so that the kids will make miniature pizzas. Otherwise, you will be waiting forever. If you are using frozen dough, make sure to have plenty of extra servings as children can (and will) drop their pizza dough. 

Have a rolling pin for each child and a small baking tray. You can buy these trays at craft stores, as well. If you believe in bulk, you will find it cheaper. This way, the children can take home their trays. It is best to put numbers on the bottom of the baking tray and assign each child a number. In this way, the children are eating what they are touching. 

Let the kids grab their rolling pins and start rolling out their wad of dough. Have an adult walk around to check and see if the kids need a little extra flour. Once they have their dough rolled out in circular pizza shape, have an adult scoop out a spoon full of pizza sauce and let the kids use the back end of a tablespoon to spread it around the dough.

Set the table with different ingredients for the topping. Ensure that you let the parents know that this is a make-your-own pizza party in case of any allergies or concerns. Put things such as different kinds of cheese, pepperoni, or olives.

Let the kids go to town and create their masterpiece. Get a large baking tray and place the mini trays with the miniature pizzas on the larger baking trays. In this way, you can cook many of the mini pizzas at the same time.

Are you having a birthday party?

You can have a cake made to order in the design of a pizza, or if you are feeling brave, you can have the kids decorate their cupcakes to resemble pizzas, as well.

The kids will remember this birthday party for a long time to come, and you will be remembered, as well.

July 18, 2021 — Fernando Sciessere
How to host a fun and engaging pizza party for adults

How to host a fun and engaging pizza party for adults

Many adults today are in a pinch when it comes to dining out. So the idea of potluck parties or taking turns at one another’s houses for meals on a Friday night is resurfacing once again. A great and fun way to breathe new life into that idea is by hosting a pizza party for adults to make and eat their pizza.


The best way to host an adult pizza-making party is to send out invitations. If you are thinking of going economical, you can use your email for invitations. Make sure to let everyone know that you need them to bring certain ingredients, as well.

Once everyone responds, ask each guest to volunteer or assign them a specific ingredient. You can supply the dough and the wine for the pizza-making party.


Since not everyone likes everything on their pizza, once your guests arrive, have your kitchen tables set up with everything on it and ask one or two guests to make a simple cheese pizza for those who like things plain.

Otherwise, have small sections of dough ready to go. Using smaller units of dough will make for miniature size pizzas, and you will be able to fit more of those in your oven. These also take up less time. 

If you have a neighbor or two attending the pizza party, ask them to let you use their stoves for the finished product.

While sipping wine and enjoying conversation, have your guests get creative with everything from pineapple to anchovies on their pizzas. Olives, anchovies, red and green peppers, and mushrooms are great toppings. You can even boil some chicken, cut it up the day of the party, and have your guests add that, as well.

Food and Drink

If your guests are the creative type, perhaps you might want to consider having them create different cocktails to go with their pizza creations. You may even want to consider having other wines and have a wine tasting/pizza-creating event. The possibilities are boundless.

Do not be afraid to get creative with this. Please do not make it about simple pizzas; try making a white pizza with fresh ricotta cheese or a Margherita pizza, pizza with salad on top, or pizza with pasta on it. You can make miniature pizzas or pizzettes, as well. Homemade pesto, fresh mozzarella, the pizza-making possibilities are endless.

However, it is essential to get a clear and definitive headcount before you host your pizza party. Only then should you sit down and make a list of ingredients that will be sufficient for you and your guests to enjoy your pizza-making experience to its fullest.

July 18, 2021 — Fernando Sciessere