Our Story

About Us

Welcome to our shop, pizza friend. My name is Fernando, founder of Pizza Lover Wonders (PLW). We are a family owned Connecticut-based clothing brand dedicated to designing original apparel inspired by elements of pizza.  

Why am I doing this?

Evidently, I'm a pizza lover 😀 . I have been a pizza lover for as long as I can remember. Pizza has been an essential part of my life since childhood. I have fond memories of pizza helping me forge deep connections with loved ones such as family meals graced with grandma's pizza and sleep-overs with friends where we called in pizzas, watched movies and played video games well into the night. 

These personal experiences with pizza made me wonder - could we use pizza to bring more people together?

PLW was born... PLW is on a mission to connect 1,000,000 people through pizza. We take everyday apparel and turn them into conversation pieces by incorporating trendy pizza-inspired designs.